Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Got Milk?: Part Two

Glistening bodies, costumes, hair blowing in the wind. Athletes, celebrities, musicians, even superheroes.  All have worn the infamous white mustache for the “Got Milk?” commercials.
After receiving a piece of mail, at work, from the Washington State Dairy Council and attempting to gain a greater understanding of why the Dairy Association pushes milk products on the general population; I began writing this series.  I began by looking at the contrast in what the dairy industry presents as “normal” and what actually happens on dairy farms around the country (Read Got Milk?: Part 1).   In this next portion of the series I wanted to take a closer look at how the Dairy Association markets dairy products.

So how do you create an iconic image of a product?  You pull together celebrities, throw billions of dollars in and add a dash of media attention and these iconic images have become as recognizable as any other leading brand name product.